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Editorial: Do Durham’s Finest Need a polish?


This writer is not one to criticize the fine work that police officers across the country do. The horror stories associated with the job are what make them so worthy of credit. Like most front line government employees, the perks they receive are little in the way of compensation for the enormous task their professional qualifications are put up against.

But before our first-responders can help us, we need to first help them.

Last year, Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin was the subject of hateful and abusive tweets – sent by a detective from Durham.

“It’s unfathomable to think that this could happen in a police station. Police services are not supposed to be run like National Lampoon’s ‘Animal House’,” Marin said at the time.

The Ombudsman, who’s job it is to identify maladministration in the province, went on to chastise the chief for advocating withholding the name of the detective.

Oddly, this places Durham in an uncomfortable but fortunate position; the province believes our Police Force is run like Animal House – the Citizens have the chance to directly elect the chairman.

While Chief Ewles is set to resign in May under what the Toronto Star called “…six years not lacking in criticism”, it is imperative that the Region steps up and provides better oversight.

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